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  An American Manifesto
Sunday November 29, 2015 
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Daily Blogs for 10/2006

by Christopher Chantrill

What's a Kerry? | 10/31/06
 A political gaffe, we know, is when a politician inadvertently tells the truth. So ...

Bureaucracy Comes Before Kids' Reading | 10/31/06
 For over a century the education establishment has pushed the idea of “whole ...

Why Won't They Tell Us? | 10/30/06
 Week in and week out Hugh Hewitt has MSM types on his program and he asks them about ...

The Party of the Rich | 10/30/06
 We all know that the Democratic Party is the party of privilege. That is to say, ...

The Stem Cell Flap | 10/27/06
 Ever since they ginned up Ron Reagan to make a speech on stem cell research at the 2004 ...

The Paglia Interview | 10/27/06
 She thinks the Foley trick was a disaster; she listens to talk radio; and she thinks the ...

The Decline of the Public Library | 10/26/06
 Here in Seattle we have just finished spending hundreds of millions of dollars rebuilding ...

What is Going On in Iraq? Part II | 10/26/06
 What is going on in Iraq? President Bush isn’t saying. That has to be the ...

What is Going On in Iraq? | 10/25/06
 Just what exactly is going on in Iraq? Is it civil war? If not, just what is ...

The Real Culture of Corruption | 10/24/06
 Conservatives have wonderful ideas—for education, for health care, and for income ...

The Ebb and Flow of Politics | 10/24/06
 At two weeks to go before the 2006 mid-term elections everyone is agreed that... well it ...

Mark Steyn and the 300 Millionth American | 10/23/06
 Maybe we conservatives are living in a dream world. While we are worrying about the ...

Rees-Mogg on Ralph Harris | 10/23/06
 The talent of a great journalist is to bring together all the detritus of the world, like ...

Don't Blame MSM For Gloom and Doom | 10/20/06
 If you wonder why the mainstream media isn’t shooting off the fireworks about a ...

Ralph Harris, Architect of Thatcherism | 10/20/06
 They are dying off, one by one. The great lions of the conservative renaissance, the men ...

A Horror Story from the Affirmative Action Front(1) | 10/19/06
 Our friends in the mainstream media love a human interest story. They love to put up a ...

The Gathering Storm of Extremism in Europe | 10/19/06
 As Mark Steyn’s new ...

They Fined Newt Gingrich For Teaching a College Course | 10/18/06
 Yeah! Remember when they gang-tackled Newt for—get this—teaching a college ...

How About That Precautionary Principle Now? | 10/18/06
 Some years ago environmentalists set up the Precautionary Principle as a dodge to stop ...

Sunnis Worry About Shi'ite Power | 10/17/06
 Back in the first Bush Administration I remember a Bush administration official ...

Racial Discrimination at the University of Michigan | 10/17/06
 In Michigan this November the voters are deciding whether to pass the ...

The Long Tail in Education | 10/17/06
 Back in the nineteenth century education reformer Horace Mann promised that centralized, ...

A Tale of Two States | 10/16/06
 In Florida, it is the best of times for Republicans. In Ohio, it is the worst of ...

Conservatives Must Hang Together | 10/16/06
 At the end of the Bush administration and after 12 years of Republican Congresses the ...

What It Means to be a Liberal | 10/13/06
 University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey R. Stone laments that the word ...

Peggy Noonan: Left Lacks Grace | 10/13/06
 Today, on Friday 13th, America’s Mom ...

Progessives Tire of White Working Class | 10/12/06
 In Britain as in the United States the progressives have gone sour on the white working ...

Federal Deficit Cut in Half | 10/12/06
 Of course Democrats are not impressed, according to ...

Dems Deathbed Conversion to Missile Defense | 10/11/06
 Twenty years ago Democrats poured scorn on President Reagan’s Strategic Defense ...

Has Bush "Squandered the Political Authority of a Great Country?" | 10/11/06
 It used to be, writes ...

Put North Korea on China's Back | 10/10/06
 So the North Koreans either did or did not successfully explode a nuclear device last ...

How To Make Our Schools Safe | 10/10/06
 What do we do about the school shootings? Ban handguns? Make schools into secure zones ...

$20 Tickets at the Met | 10/09/06
 Earth to Metropolitan Opera! Your audience is dying off! Seriously though, the new ...

Big Families: Here They Come | 10/09/06
 Give this trend another year, and it will be on the cover of Time. You know ...

Kudlow on Hastert | 10/06/06
 Never mind about Denny Hastert’s handling of the Foley incident, writes ...

Feeding the Underclass in Britain | 10/05/06
 Last week in Brixton, an eternally rough section of London, two teenagers were shot as ...

It's All About Iran | 10/05/06
 I’ve said again and again that if you want to understand what the United States is ...

How About the 2008 Election? | 10/04/06
 Enough of the Foley kerfuffle. Let’s talk presidential politics for 2008 and the ...

Do The Right Thing | 10/04/06
 I agree with ...

Rumsfeld vs. Rice on Iraq(1) | 10/03/06
 We’re going to win in Iraq, says President Bush. But what does that ...

Page Storm Reaches Hurricane Force | 10/03/06
 Could Republicans lose control of Congress over an instant message? If they do, it would ...

Why Democrats Prefer Scandal to SoSec Reform | 10/02/06
 You gotta admit it. The Democrats know how to expose and coordinate embarrassing ...

Fox News: Libs Still Don't Get It | 10/02/06
 Fox News is ten years old this week, and the liberals still don’t get it. ...



“But I saw a man yesterday who knows a fellow who had it from a chappie that said that Urquhart had been dipping himself a bit recklessly off the deep end.”  —Freddy Arbuthnot
Dorothy L. Sayers, Strong Poison

Civil Society

“Civil Society”—a complex welter of intermediate institutions, including businesses, voluntary associations, educational institutions, clubs, unions, media, charities, and churches—builds, in turn, on the family, the primary instrument by which people are socialized into their culture and given the skills that allow them to live in broader society and through which the values and knowledge of that society are transmitted across the generations.
Francis Fukuyama, Trust

Hugo on Genius

“Tear down theory, poetic systems... No more rules, no more models... Genius conjures up rather than learns... ” —Victor Hugo
César Graña, Bohemian versus Bourgeois


“We have met with families in which for weeks together, not an article of sustenance but potatoes had been used; yet for every child the hard-earned sum was provided to send them to school.”
E. G. West, Education and the State

Faith & Purpose

“When we began first to preach these things, the people appeared as awakened from the sleep of ages—they seemed to see for the first time that they were responsible beings, and that a refusal to use the means appointed was a damning sin.”
Finke, Stark, The Churching of America, 1776-1990


“When we received Christ,” Phil added, “all of a sudden we now had a rule book to go by, and when we had problems the preacher was right there to give us the answers.”
James M. Ault, Jr., Spirit and Flesh


A writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is ’merely relative’, is asking you not to believe him. So don’t.
Roger Scruton, Modern Philosophy

Faith and Politics

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, the principal focus of her interventions in the public arena is the protection and promotion of the dignity of the person, and she is thereby consciously drawing particular attention to principles which are not negotiable... [1.] protection of life in all its stages, from the first moment of conception until natural death; [2.] recognition and promotion of the natural structure of the family... [3.] the protection of the right of parents to educate their children.
Pope Benedict XVI, Speech to European Peoples Party, 2006

China and Christianity

At first, we thought [the power of the West] was because you had more powerful guns than we had. Then we thought it was because you had the best political system. Next we focused on your economic system. But in the past twenty years, we have realized that the heart of your culture is your religion: Christianity.
David Aikman, Jesus in Beijing

Religion, Property, and Family

But the only religions that have survived are those which support property and the family. Thus the outlook for communism, which is both anti-property and anti-family, (and also anti-religion), is not promising.
F.A. Hayek, The Fatal Conceit


Conservatism is the philosophy of society. Its ethic is fraternity and its characteristic is authority — the non-coercive social persuasion which operates in a family or a community. It says ‘we should...’.
Danny Kruger, On Fraternity

US Life in 1842

Families helped each other putting up homes and barns. Together, they built churches, schools, and common civic buildings. They collaborated to build roads and bridges. They took pride in being free persons, independent, and self-reliant; but the texture of their lives was cooperative and fraternal.
Michael Novak, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism

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