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  An American Manifesto
Friday November 27, 2015 
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Daily Blogs for 4/2006

by Christopher Chantrill

Liberal Lion J.K. Galbraith Dead at 97 | 04/30/06
 He was a government price controller, a Harvard professor, a public intellectual, a ...

Solzhenitzyn Can't Take US Hegemony | 04/29/06
 Although Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a prisoner of the Soviet Union and lived from many ...

Music is For Neanderthals | 04/28/06
 Music has always had a good press. “As Plato said: “Music uses sound to ...

Saudi Jihadists Take Down Conservative Blogs | 04/28/06
 This morning at about 10:00am EDT conservaive blogs across the nation suffered a Denial ...

Economy: Roaring or Limping? You Make the Call | 04/28/06
 With the Department of Commerce expected to announce a 5.0 percent annual growth rate for ...

Is Bush Exhausted or Just Resting? | 04/27/06
 Which is it? Is the Bush Administration finished, exhausted? Or is the wily poker player ...

"Make Price Gouging Illegal" | 04/27/06
 Ever since Maria Cantwell was elected to the United States Senate from the Soviet of ...

Jane Jacobs: Celebrating the City Street | 04/27/06
 Jane Jacobs was a writer celebrated both by liberals and conservatives. She died April ...

Blair in a Pickle | 04/26/06
 You think that President Bush is in a mess. Prime Minister Blair is in meltdown. This ...

Iran a Threat But Iraq Wasn't | 04/26/06
 It’s easy to write that now. In the left-wing Guardian ...

Raise the Storm Signals | 04/26/06
 A big worry, if you worry about big things, is this. Does the current explosion in ...

Why Are Bush and Cameron Going Green? | 04/25/06
 President Bush opened the year by confessing that America was “addicted to ...

Left Brimming with New Ideas? | 04/25/06
 If a center-left columnist wrote a column about the new Big Ideas that people on the left ...

Robert Carleson: Another Conservative That Nobody Knew | 04/25/06
 Everyone knows that Horace Mann was the father of public education. But nobody knows ...

US Economy in High Gear, Says Brit | 04/25/06
 With the GDP number this quarter expected to hit 5 percent the US remains the engine of ...

Celebrating Earth Day | 04/24/06
 Al Gore celebrated Earth Day, April 22nd, with an fearmongering screed in ...

Who is al-Maliki? | 04/24/06
 Last week the squabbling politicians of Iraq settled upon a prime minister to replace the ...

The Russians are Coming -- To Royal Ascot | 04/23/06
 Many of us, when we take time out from worrying about Iraq, have worried for years about ...

The Social Security Guarantee | 04/22/06
 Democrats like to characterize individual Social Security accounts as a “risky ...

How Hypocritical Can You Get, Liberals? | 04/21/06
 How low will liberals go? Who knows? Here are the news items on liberal hypocrisy, ...

Two Nations Under 401(k) | 04/21/06
 Many social changes do not occur in the blaze of national publicity but work their way ...

e-Stonian PM Gets Friedman Prize | 04/20/06
 He’s no relation of Bert Lahr, the Cowardly Lion, and he’s certainly not ...

Women Should Be Nice to Men | 04/20/06
 Author Caitlin Flanagan has written a book for the stay-at-home-mother-with-a-nanny set. ...

Lesson of the Duke Rape Case | 04/20/06
 In all the flap over the Duke University lacrosse rape case one thing is being forgotten, ...

Next They Will Lay Off the Journalists | 04/19/06
 We all know the agony of the layoff. We sympathize, more or less, with the grossly ...

President Hillary Means Same-old Same-old | 04/19/06
 After the stellar economic growth of the last 25 years you would think that all serious ...

Gender Gap in High School | 04/19/06
 Looking back over the last half century, can we say that any liberal enthusiasm ...

Germans Accuse Brit Tabloids of Bum Deal | 04/18/06
 War has broken out between the German and the British tabloids. And nobody can tell when ...

Tension in Baghdad | 04/18/06
 In Iraq blogger ...

The Case for Rumsfeld | 04/18/06
 No doubt Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has an aggressive manner. No doubt he has ...

Brit Working Class Warms to BNP Fascists | 04/18/06
 In Britain this week everyone is writing about the horrifying move of working-class Brits ...

Women and Forgiveness | 04/17/06
 Since it is Easter, columnist ...

Seniors Like Medicare Drugs | 04/17/06
 For months we have been hearing horror stories about the complexities of the new Medicare ...

Conservative Cool | 04/16/06
 What young person would be a conservative in Britain? That is the question that ...

Irish to Observe Easter Rising: Brits Keep Stiff Upper Lip | 04/14/06
 For the first time since 1969 the Irish are going to observe the Easter Rising of 1916 ...

Pope Walks Way of the Cross | 04/14/06
 Back in 2003 the Slovakian government signed an agreement with the Catholic Church ...

Meaning of the Passion | 04/14/06
 What is the meaning of Christ’s Passion? What does it mean when God sacrifices his ...

Is the Squeeze on for al Sadr? | 04/13/06
 What is really going on in Iraq these days? Are things really in an impasse as the ...

Fighting Against Economic Reality | 04/13/06
 At bankrupt Delta Air Lines union pilots who earn an average of about $150,000 a year are ...

Enough of the Self-Servers on Iraq | 04/13/06
 Should we have sent more troops to Iraq? Did Defense Secretary Rumsfeld criminally omit ...

New Hope for Malaria Sufferers | 04/12/06
 I know. It’s rather bad form to equate the tragedy of malaria with the tragedy of ...

Employers Hiring Older Workers in Britain | 04/12/06
 In Britain, older workers are rushing into the work force. According to ...

Dem Vote 43.9% in CA 50 Special Election | 04/12/06
 How much trouble are Republicans in for this Fall? Maybe not as bad as some have feared. ...

The Iran Cloud Gets Bigger | 04/12/06
 A somber Mark Steyn writes about the Iran business, and wonders about what lies ahead as ...

Romney's Health Care Solution | 04/11/06
 First Governor Romney put up his education proposals in the Wall Street Journal. ...

How Will Immigration Issue Break?(1) | 04/11/06
 On Monday April 10th, the streets of America were again filled with demonstrators ...

Romney's Six Point Education Plan | 04/10/06
 They say that Bill Clinton’s great success in the presidency was that he acted like ...

The End of Health Care As We Know It | 04/10/06
 It had to happen. Writer gets funny lump in his jaw. Writer gets brush-off from doctor. ...

Global Warming Stuck on Pause | 04/09/06
 Just when it looked like we were all going to fry in the oven of global warming comes a ...

Da Vinci Code Unbroken | 04/08/06
 What a relief. A high court judge in Britain has determined that Dan Brown’s Da ...

Blacks Voting for School Choice With Their Feet | 04/07/06
 Year by year the education establishment gets bigger and bigger. Year by year the kids ...

How Do They Treat the Help? | 04/07/06
 One of the important tests of character is: How does he treat the help? When Scoop ...

The Angry Left Asks Bush If He's Ashamed | 04/07/06
 It’s good that lefty Harry Taylor got a chance to ask President Bush about the NSA ...

A Radical Architect, Classical | 04/06/06
 Philosopher Roger Scruton used to be Britain’s one and only conservative. Until he ...

Girl, 14, Drives Drunk; Parents Disabled | 04/06/06
 The Brits have been enjoying the spectacle of the family from hell, the Blacks, whose ...

John Stossel and the Teachers, contd. | 04/06/06
 Remember John Stossel and his ABC-TV documentary, “Stupid in ...

Global Warming, Global Cooling, Natch | 04/05/06
 Conservatives love to recall how Newsweek heralded a new ice age back in 1975 just ...

Good Old Tom Delay | 04/05/06
 I first heard the name Tom Delay when working on Rick White’s campaign for Congress ...

Let's Wish Katie Couric Well | 04/05/06
 Conservatives are understandably a bit sour about the accession of Katie Couric to the ...

Mexico's Shame | 04/04/06
 We’ve heard from the illegal immigrants. We are hearing from our noble senators. ...

Suppose You Were an Illegal Immigrant in Mexico... | 04/04/06
 Many commentators are shocked at the inhumanity of illegal immigration and undocumented ...

Islamists are Imperialists | 04/04/06
 Are the Muslim peoples helpless victims or ruthless imperialists? Should we treat their ...

How to Tame Foxes(1) | 04/03/06
 Foxes are pretty cute. Except that they are wild animals and do not relate well to ...

StrategyPage on Iraq Again | 04/03/06
 Last week we retailed a ...

America's Triple Threat | 04/03/06
 We all know that Iraq is going down the tubes and that President Bush should be impeached ...

School Teachers Have Principles Too | 04/02/06
 Some people would rather go on food stamps than shop at Wal-Mart. It’s the ...

Girls Just Wanna Have... | 04/01/06
 April Fool! It turns out they don’t want to have fun after all. A study of ...

Noah's Flood and Global Warming | 04/01/06
 Four thousand years ago, more or less, we humans so polluted the environment that God ...


What Liberals Think About Conservatives

[W]hen I asked a liberal longtime editor I know with a mainstream [publishing] house for a candid, shorthand version of the assumptions she and her colleagues make about conservatives, she didn't hesitate. “Racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-choice fascists,” she offered, smiling but meaning it.
Harry Stein, I Can't Believe I'm Sitting Next to a Republican

US Life in 1842

Families helped each other putting up homes and barns. Together, they built churches, schools, and common civic buildings. They collaborated to build roads and bridges. They took pride in being free persons, independent, and self-reliant; but the texture of their lives was cooperative and fraternal.
Michael Novak, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism

Taking Responsibility

[To make] of each individual member of the army a soldier who, in character, capability, and knowledge, is self-reliant, self-confident, dedicated, and joyful in taking responsibility [verantwortungsfreudig] as a man and a soldier. — Gen. Hans von Seeckt
MacGregor Knox, Williamson Murray, ed., The dynamics of military revolution, 1300-2050

Society and State

For [the left] there is only the state and the individual, nothing in between. No family to rely on, no friend to depend on, no community to call on. No neighbourhood to grow in, no faith to share in, no charities to work in. No-one but the Minister, nowhere but Whitehall, no such thing as society - just them, and their laws, and their rules, and their arrogance.
David Cameron, Conference Speech 2008

Socialism equals Animism

Imagining that all order is the result of design, socialists conclude that order must be improvable by better design of some superior mind.
F.A. Hayek, The Fatal Conceit


[Every] sacrifice is an act of impurity that pays for a prior act of greater impurity... without its participants having to suffer the full consequences incurred by its predecessor. The punishment is commuted in a process that strangely combines and finesses the deep contradiction between justice and mercy.
Frederick Turner, Beauty: The Value of Values

Responsible Self

[The Axial Age] highlights the conception of a responsible self... [that] promise[s] man for the first time that he can understand the fundamental structure of reality and through salvation participate actively in it.
Robert N Bellah, "Religious Evolution", American Sociological Review, Vol. 29, No. 3.

Religion, Property, and Family

But the only religions that have survived are those which support property and the family. Thus the outlook for communism, which is both anti-property and anti-family, (and also anti-religion), is not promising.
F.A. Hayek, The Fatal Conceit

Racial Discrimination

[T]he way “to achieve a system of determining admission to the public schools on a nonracial basis,” Brown II, 349 U. S., at 300–301, is to stop assigning students on a racial basis. The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.
Roberts, C.J., Parents Involved in Community Schools vs. Seattle School District


A writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is ’merely relative’, is asking you not to believe him. So don’t.
Roger Scruton, Modern Philosophy

Physics, Religion, and Psychology

Paul Dirac: “When I was talking with Lemaître about [the expanding universe] and feeling stimulated by the grandeur of the picture that he has given us, I told him that I thought cosmology was the branch of science that lies closest to religion. However [Georges] Lemaître [Catholic priest, physicist, and inventor of the Big Bang Theory] did not agree with me. After thinking it over he suggested psychology as lying closest to religion.”
John Farrell, “The Creation Myth”


Within Pentecostalism the injurious hierarchies of the wider world are abrogated and replaced by a single hierarchy of faith, grace, and the empowerments of the spirit... where groups gather on rafts to take them through the turbulence of the great journey from extensive rural networks to the mega-city and the nuclear family...
David Martin, On Secularization

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