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I Want a President

by Christopher Chantrill

For 2017
  I Want a President Who Loves America: Pre-Inaugural Edition 01/03/17

For 2016
  I Want a President Who Tells Us His Sense of the World 12/06/16
  I Want a President that Loves America, Part Trois 11/01/16
  I Want a President Who Will End Victimism 10/04/16
  I Want a President to Lift Government Off the Brow of Labor 09/06/16
  I Want a President That Won’t Stiff the Opposition 08/02/16
  I Want a President Born on the Fourth of July. Really 07/05/16
  I Want a President Who Can Tame America’s Lefty Rioters 06/07/16
  I Want a President Who Can Teach Us to Accept Capitalism 05/03/16
  I Want a President to Teach Liberals a Lesson 04/05/16
  I Want a President Who is My Kind of Con-man 03/01/16
  I Want a President for Americans that Follow the Rules, Go to Work, and Obey the Law 02/02/16
  I Want a President That Loves America. Again 01/05/16

For 2015
  I Want a President Who Understands the Value of the Nation State 12/08/15
  I Want a President That Demonstrates Strategic Vision 11/03/15
  I Want a President Who's "Unteachable." But Not Like Obama 10/06/15
  I Want a President That is a "Strong Leader." Not! 09/08/15
  I Want a President Who Will Encourage the Millennials 08/06/15
  I Want a President Born on the Fourth of July 07/07/15
  I Want a President Who Cares About People Like Me 06/02/15
  I Want a President That "Gets" the Economy 05/05/15
  I Want a President Who Plays by the Rules 03/31/15
  I Want a President Who'll Dump the Stupid FCC 03/03/15

For 2014
  I Want a President That Loves America 12/30/14

Weekly Opeds by Year

by Christopher Chantrill

Opeds for 2016
  Transition: Sauce for Obama is Sauce for Trump 12/25/16
  Trump Heard the Cry of the Unprotected 12/18/16
  “Do You Now or Have You Ever Known A White Supremacist?” 12/11/16
  Hello Democrats, I am Here to Help 11/29/16
  We Must Push Back Against the Borkers of Bannon 11/22/16
  After Political Correctnes Comes Trumpidor 11/15/16
  If There Were No Partisan Divide, We Would Have to Invent It 11/08/16
  2016: Mean Girl Culture Takes Over the Nation 10/25/16
  Hey Kids! The Deficit was $587 Billion Last Year! 10/18/16
  The Political "Education Divide" and Me 10/11/16
  Gloablism, Soros, and Charlotte: Now I Get It 09/27/16
  Les Déplorables: Make America Fun Again 09/20/16
  Hillary’s “Deplorable” Ain’t the Half of It 09/13/16
  Vast Right, Alt-Right, Dead Right? 08/30/16
  Obamas Biggest Mistake 08/23/16
  US Will Not Be Fixed by Bedtime 08/16/16
  I Will Tell You Why a "Leftist Trump" is Impossible 08/09/16
  All I Know Is That Gentlemanly Conservatism is Dead 07/26/16
  The Muslims Aren’t The Only Ones With a Fervent Ideology 07/19/16
  Forgive the Liberals: They Know Not What They Do 07/12/16
  House Sit-in: Dems Jump the Shark 06/28/16
  Cut the Cringe: Because It’s Appeasement All the Way Down 06/21/16
  Orlando: You Know It Means War 06/14/16
  Attention Deirdre McCloskey: Here’s the Big Thing about the Bourgeoisie 05/31/16
  Mark Zuckerberg: Let Us Talk about Liberal Crimes Against Humanity 05/24/16
  Get a Clue, Navel Gazers. It’s Thermidor Time 05/17/16
  With Gender Bender Bathrooms, Liberals Jump the Shark 05/10/16
  It is Grand: Three Anti-capitalist Candidates for the USA 04/26/16
  On Tax Day Let Us Talk About Spending and Free Stuff 04/19/16
  Go Ahead Peaceful Protesters, Make My Day 04/12/16
  The Answer to Islam is Jobs 03/29/16
  The Primal Scream of the Policy People 03/22/16
  Go Ahead, "Peaceful Protesters," Make my Day! 03/15/16
  Can Conservatives Deal with a Bigger GOP Tent? 03/08/16
  What Do the Trump Voters Want? 02/23/16
  Six Good Things About Capitalism 02/16/16
  Bernie and Hillary Both Wrong About Evil Bankers 02/09/16
  Do Not Get Mad, Get... Happy! 01/26/16
   "New York Values:" The Cruz Strategic Play Against Trump 01/19/16
  Cologne Gets Us One Step Closer to Solving the Muslim Problem 01/12/16

Opeds for 2015
  Stop Sucking Your Thumbs, Liberals, and Get a Clue! 12/29/15
  The Liberal Christmas from Hell 12/22/15
  Muslims! Do Not Become the Little Darlings of the Liberals! 12/15/15
  What Do Yale, Missou, Alinksy, Cloward-Piven and Obama's Organizing for Action Add Up To? 12/01/15
  After Paris I Understand Winston Churchill's Relief 11/24/15
  Ted Cruz’s Simple Flat Tax Is Not All That Simple 11/17/15
  Maybe The White Working Class Will Not Hit Bottom 11/10/15
  People of the Lie: It is Not Just the Clintons 10/28/15
  Five Reasons Why "Civil-rights Republicanism" is a Bust 10/21/15
  The Speaker Crisis and the Rape of the "Typical American" 10/14/15
  One Weird Chart That Explains The Great Recession 09/29/15
  It's Not Just the GOP Where the Paradigms are Shifting 09/22/15
  Elite Fail: How Could This Happen? 09/15/15
  Fighting Back Against the SJWs 09/01/15
  Yes, Take a Look at Yourself, Ruling Class 08/25/15
  The Dem Problem. They Don't Do Mojo Any More 08/18/15
  Schumer Iran Flap: What Is Wrong With These People? 08/11/15
  Medicare Advantage is Taking Over the World 07/28/15
  Why Ta-Nehisi Coates is in the Same Game as the Chattanooga Shooter 07/21/15
  The WHINOs and the RINOs Should Be Friends 07/14/15
  It Isn't Roberts' Problem: It's Ours 06/30/15
  Why is the Democratic Party So Disciplined? 06/23/15
  The Only Privilege in America is Liberal Privilege 06/16/15
  Please! Let's Lose This "Independent for President" Rubbish 06/09/15
  Charles Murray Wants to Pull Aside the Curtain on Stupid Government 05/26/15
  The Progressives' Thug Agenda 05/19/15
  What Do 21st Century Mothers Want? 05/12/15
  Dems Reach Out to the White Working Class 04/28/15
  Is Hillary Clinton Ready for the Real Story of the Patriarchy? 04/21/15
  Is "Social Justice Warrior" a Pejorative? 04/14/15
  Liberals and their SJW Thugs Celebrate Holy Week 04/07/15
  Let Talk About the Clueless Financial Regulators 03/24/15
  "Our Kids" Are "Coming Apart" Because Liberals 03/17/15
  The Democrats' Thugocracy 03/10/15
  Why Don't Liberals Care About Black-on-Black Killing? 02/24/15
  Everything Liberals Touch Turns to Injustice 02/17/15
  The 2016 Budget: They've Gone About as Far as They Can Go 02/11/15
  Will Political Correctness Backfire? 02/04/15
  OK Liberals: Let's Talk Inequality 01/27/15
  Hey Jihadis, Get with the Program! 01/25/15
  Let's Just Call It "The Muslim Question" 01/13/15
  "OK Google. What Went Wrong With Liberalism?" 01/06/15

Opeds for 2014
  Do Women Want to be Responsible Individuals? 12/23/14
  Dems Can't Stop Sneering at the White Working Class 12/16/14
  It's the Liberal Oppression, Stupid 12/09/14
  After Ferguson: Yeah, Let's Have a Conversation Mr. President 12/02/14
  Five Reasons Why Obama Did It on Immigration 11/25/14
  Is This the End Game for Liberal Racism? 11/18/14
  How Will Democrats Divide Us Next? 11/04/14
  Why are Democrats So Afraid? 10/28/14
  This is What You Get When You Reduce Everything to "Activism" 10/21/14
  30 Years of Nobelity: What Hayek Means to Me 10/14/14
  Go Read a Book, Kristol Tells the Kids 10/07/14
  Rectification of Names: Let's Call Obama Era Like It Is 09/30/14
  It's Not "Unwisdom," Peggy. It's Hubris 09/23/14
  The Primal Scream of the Tribal Mind 09/16/14
  Why Do Peacenik Liberals Make War on Business? 09/09/14
  Child Labor Day 09/02/14
  Ferguson: Life in the Promised Land 08/26/14
  Let's Fight for the Nation State 08/19/14
  "As President, I Will Defend Americans Against the Moral Bullies" 08/12/14
  Aunt Peggy Frowns at the Obama Boys 08/05/14
  Do Corporations Rule America? 07/29/14
  The Ordeal of Post-Obama Change 07/22/14
  The Rich Get Richer, and Everyone's Confused 07/15/14
  Let's Hang the Kaiser Round Obama's Collar 07/08/14
  Admit It: We Wackos are the Problem 07/01/14
  Dems End Up Believing Their Own Lies 06/24/14
  No, Obama Isn't "Worse Than We Thought" 06/17/14
  The Flaw in Obama's Phone and Pen Goveranance 06/10/14
  You've Been Living in a VA Dreamworld, Liberals 06/03/14
  Anti-Piketty: It's the Great Subtraction 05/27/14
  Piketty Doesn't Understand Capitalism 05/20/14
  10 Questions for a Liberal the Week after Mothers Day 05/14/14
  Let's Look on the Bright Side 05/13/14
  Picking on Piketty 05/06/14
  Finishing School for Tomorrow's Ruling Class 04/29/14
  Liberals Digging Their Political Graves 04/22/14
  Carry on Cutting, says Brandeis 04/15/14
  "Socially Liberal, Economically Conservative" Is So Over 04/08/14
  Hester Koch's Scarlet Letter 04/01/14
  Agreed, Holy Father, That Human Dignity Needs Work. Then What? 03/25/14
  Beyond Young Men and Mayhem 03/18/14
  Liberals! You are to Blame! 03/11/14
  Liberals Have Got What They Asked For 03/04/14
  After the Great Disappointment 02/25/14
  Hey Coke and Pepsi: I've Got Your Back! 02/18/14
  Having Your Cake and Eating It: Panama and Us 02/11/14
  Obamacare Casts White Working Class Out in the Cold 02/04/14
  The "Dark Enlightenment" Hits Gandhi Stage Two 01/28/14
  Many Liberals are Naifs and Innocents 01/21/14
  What IS Going On With Jobs? 01/14/14
  Liberals Double Down on Inequality 01/07/14

Opeds for 2013
  The Four Freedoms: 75 Years of Liberal Betrayal 12/31/13
  Megastate Fail: Do You Hear Me Now, Liberals? 12/24/13
  How The Grinch Stole Health Care 12/17/13
  Battling Inequality with the President 12/10/13
  Barack Obama: One-dimensional Man 12/03/13
  People of the Lie 11/26/13
  Obama and Gruber Reveal True Face of Collectivism 11/19/13
  Give the President a Break 11/12/13
  Liberals Getting the Politics Wrong 11/05/13
  Women: Sold Down the River 10/28/13
  I Ache for a President That Loves America 10/21/13
  It's Not Just Failed Obamacare 10/14/13
  Obama's Shutdown and Public Choice Theory 10/08/13
  "There Has to be a System" 10/01/13
  Who Rules: Politicians or Wall Street? 09/24/13
  Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and Ronald Coase 09/17/13
  Discredit Liberalism Utterly 09/10/13
  A Return to Sanity 09/03/13
  Douthat Can't Say It, But I Can 08/27/13
  Next Up: The Privacy Moms 08/20/13
  The American Dream: Not This Way 08/13/13
  Obama and "A Streetcar Named Desire" 08/06/13
  GOP Outreach: I'm Flummoxed 07/30/13
  We're Done Mr. President 07/23/13
  No More Mr. Nice Guy 07/16/13
  Liberals to the Law: Get Lost! 07/09/13
  Egypt Runs Out of Other Peoples' Money 07/02/13
  Ruling Classes Without a Clue 06/25/13
  The Consequences of Liberalism 06/18/13
  The Enemy is Us 06/11/13
  Conservatives and the Individual 06/04/13
  Riots and Liberals 05/28/13
  Liberal Barnacles Show How Not To Do It 05/21/13
  Austerity: Krugman's False Message 05/14/13
  Entitlements: What Difference Does It Make? 05/07/13
  Politics Isn't Just Tactics 04/30/13
  Democrats: End of the Big Push 04/23/13
  Why They Hate Her 04/16/13
  America's Locust Years 04/09/13
  How Liberals Corrode Society 04/02/13
  We Can Do Better Than This 03/26/13
  Looking Beyond the Budget Duel 03/19/13
  If I were a Lefty Strongman 03/12/13
  Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Wants to Dominate 03/05/13
  Liberals Should Have Known 02/26/13
  Dr. Ben Carson and the Responsible Self 02/19/13
  The Liberal Bubble of Self-Deceit 02/12/13
  Why Liberals Hate Inequality 02/05/13
  Conservatism is More Than Growth and Opportunity 01/29/13
  Democrats Thinking Inside the Bubble 01/22/13
  Liberals: The Necessary Delusion 01/15/13
  President Obama and the Prisoner's Dilemma 01/08/13
  President Obama Will Never Have a Plan 01/01/13

Opeds for 2012
  The Scrooge in Me 12/25/12
  The Strategic Concentration of Modern Children 12/18/12
  You Think the GOP Has Problems? 12/11/12
  Obama Wants a War 12/04/12
  It Will Take a Moral Movement, Girls 11/27/12
  The End of the Twinkies Union Label 11/20/12
  The Age of the Welfare State Smashup 11/13/12
  America's Real Choice 11/06/12
  Obama and the Liberal Conceits 10/30/12
  Liberals Say It's the End of an Era 10/23/12
  Watching Joe Biden Play Willy Loman 10/16/12
  October Political Reality Check 10/09/12
  Pundits Worry About Conservatism. Again 10/02/12
  How Liberals Screw the 47 Percent 09/25/12
  Union Teachers Hate Their Jobs 09/18/12
  Obama's Speech at the End of the Universe 09/11/12
  "Mittens" or Monster? 09/04/12
  2016: Obama's America or Romney's 08/28/12
  Break the Chains, says Joe 08/21/12
  Amerians are Anti-intellectual Because... 08/14/12
  Let's Talk About Inequality, Liberals 08/07/12
  Obama's 1.5 Percent Problem 07/31/12
  Obama the Great Educator 07/25/12
  The Folly of Obama's Politics 07/18/12
  Injustice, American Style 07/11/12
  Roberts Hands a Poisoned Chalice to the President 07/04/12
  The Ghosts of Liberal Pieties 06/27/12
  Obama's Togetherness 06/20/12
  A Pre-revolutionary Situation 06/13/12
  Smashing the Tyranny of the Democrats' Cliches 06/06/12
  What Conservatives Really Think About Community, Mr. Dionne 05/30/12
  Welcome to the Democrats' Julia Crow Era 05/23/12
  Liberals Ruin Everything 05/16/12
  Women of the Welfare State 05/09/12
  If Conservatives are Social Darwinists, then... 05/02/12
  2012: The Art of Intimidation 04/24/12
  Mr. President: It's All of The Above 04/17/12
  Helping Women Get What They Want 04/11/12
  Can Liberals Handle Adversity? 04/03/12
  Half-baked Science: From Keys to Mann 03/27/12
  The Optics of Energy Failure 03/20/12
  Newt Gingrich is Shameless 03/16/12
  The GOP and the Upscale Vote 03/16/12
  Freedom vs. The Secular Seminary 03/09/12
  Culture Wars: Conservative Freedom vs. Liberal Liberation 03/02/12
  A Budget Rear-view Mirror 02/24/12
  Liberals Forced to Bare Their Teeth 02/17/12
  Let's Stop Obama-ing Apart 02/10/12
  President Obama's Civilian Soldiers 02/03/12
  2012: It's Bain Capital vs. Obama Capital 01/20/12
  The Bad News on Unemployment 01/20/12
  Steven Pinker and the Decline of Violence 01/20/12
  Obama's Sterilized Society 01/20/12

Opeds for 2011
  Obama's Freeloader Economy 12/27/11
  "Liberal History" from Osawatomie Bam 12/27/11
  Andy Stern: Authoritarian 12/27/11
  Occupy: History Repeats as Reality Show 12/26/11
  Liberals and "Austerity" 12/26/11
  Whither the White Working Class 11/19/11
  The Great Recession is now the Great Restructuring 11/19/11
  Capitalism in Crisis? Surely You Jest! 11/19/11
  Carry On Borking, Say Libs 11/19/11
  Subsidies Have Consequences 10/20/11
  If Conservatives Occupied Wall Street 10/20/11
  All Politics is Resentment 10/09/11
  All Politics is Resentment 10/09/11
  What are the Democrats Thinking? 10/03/11
  Is America Ready for a Christian President? 09/26/11
  What Third Rail? 09/14/11
  Invisible Hand vs. Clenched Fist 09/10/11
  Warren Buffett Shelters from Hurricane Obama 08/31/11
  Remember "No New Taxes"? 08/24/11
  Riots and Civil Society 08/24/11
  Obama as the Dying God 08/13/11
  The Dirty Secret of Economics 08/13/11
  We're Not In 1995 Any More 07/29/11
  Where Obamanomics Went Wrong 07/20/11
  Is Head-Smashed-In the Solution to Smash-Mouth Politics? 07/09/11
  Postmodernism's Take on "Flake" Journalism 07/09/11
  Mixing up Mamet, Hayek, Hitchens, and Sowell 06/25/11
  Baby Economics 06/20/11
  The Twilight of the Educated Gods 06/11/11
  Palin and the White Working Class 06/04/11
  No Dog in that Fight, Mr. President? 05/28/11
  A Sluggish Recovery for President Obama 05/12/11
  Do the Math, Mr President 05/07/11
  Who Will Mediscare the Dems? 04/28/11
  The End of Medicare As We Know It 04/16/11
  Unaccountable America 04/13/11
  The Liberal Addiction to Bureaucracy 04/02/11
  What Would Sherman Say? 03/26/11
  Social Security Isn't Broken 03/19/11
  Deflating Those Liberal Myths 03/09/11
  The Liberal Culture of Compulsion 03/05/11
  Radical Suits and Their Suckers 02/24/11
  Trillions and Trillions 02/24/11
  Jobs and Revolution 02/13/11
  "The Backs of our Mosts Vulnerable Citizens" 02/13/11
  Disdain for Palin 02/13/11
  Mobs, Lynchings, and Psychos 02/13/11
  Liberals and Political Kitsch 01/12/11
  Playing the "Violence" Card 01/07/11
  Ammo for the Battle of Ideas 01/04/11

Opeds for 2010
  Off-the-books America 12/25/10
  Incomes Taxes, Millionaires and Billionaires 12/18/10
  Warren Buffett, Robber Baron 12/09/10
  Dems Fume over Wall Street Trillions 12/09/10
  Giving Thanks for Obama 11/25/10
  QE Then and Now 11/25/10
  Yes We Can Repeal 11/11/10
  Obama's Grand Strategic Error 11/05/10
  At the End of a Dynasty 11/01/10
  Fun Frolic and Midterms 10/21/10
  Paychecks vs. Food Stamps 10/18/10
  8/28 vs. 10/2: Dueling Faith Traditions 10/09/10
  About That River in Egypt 10/03/10
  Power or Principle? 09/23/10
  This is Just the Beginning 09/20/10
  Noboby But Us 400,000 Chickens 09/09/10
  Barack's Cunning Plan 09/08/10
  What Liberals Should Have Known 08/30/10
  How's That "Spread the Wealth Doing?" 08/20/10
  A Liberal Judge Lights a Fuse 08/13/10
  Andrew Breitbart Can't Be Fired 07/29/10
  Of Course Obama's a Socialist 07/24/10
  Free at Last: The End Game of Liberal Racism 07/19/10
  After Obama: Forgiveness 07/09/10
  Keynes: The End of a Bad Idea 06/30/10
  A Bridge Too Far 06/29/10
  Mr. President, You're Stuck on Stupid 06/19/10
  The Rand Paul Gaffe and Liberal Injustice 06/14/10
  Big Government's Katrina 06/14/10
  The Liberal Trilemma 06/14/10
  Can Women Return Us to Beauty? 05/19/10
  Greek Crisis Nothing New 05/11/10
  Mundell: Blame the Fed 05/11/10
  Taxes Are Not the Problem 04/23/10
  Obama's World Without Giving 04/17/10
  Let's Change the Conversation on Education 04/09/10
  Who Do You Trust? 04/02/10
  In Defeat, Defiance 03/24/10
  ObamaCare: Why the Rules Matter 03/18/10
  ObamaCare: Defeat or Repeal? 03/12/10
  Science's Big Problem 03/02/10
  The Back-pocket Manifesto 02/24/10
  Liberals Say US Is Ungovernable. Again 02/18/10
  Liberal Condescension Isn't the Problem 02/11/10
  Budget Fun with Fannie and Freddie 02/05/10
  You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 02/03/10
  The Content of Obama's Character 01/22/10
  Obama's Jobs Hole 01/16/10
  Repeal the Health Bill 01/07/10

Opeds for 2009
  Lesson of the Noughties: Government Hasn't a Clue 12/30/09
  Harry Reid's Lump of Coal 12/24/09
  The Poisoned Chalice 12/18/09
  So Michael Mann is a Bully? 12/12/09
  Palin and the Future 12/04/09
  ObamaCare's Hot Water Treatment 11/25/09
  The Liberals' "Other" Problem 11/19/09
  The Purpose of Bureaucracy 11/13/09
  A Liberal Whiff of Panic 11/05/09
  Life in the United Scapegoats of America 10/29/09
  Who Will Rid Me of that Troublesome Rush? 10/22/09
  World Approves Obama Appeasement 10/16/09
  How About Those "Chick-Cons?" 10/08/09
  The Perils of a "Policy" President 09/30/09
  Irving Kristol and the Future of Conservatism 09/23/09
  Why Democrats Want Single Payer 09/17/09
  Obama's Wasted Year 09/09/09
  The Kennedy Test 09/05/09
  No Dead Parrots Here 08/27/09
  Obama and the Upchuck Factor 08/21/09
  Healthcare and the Resourceful Poor 08/14/09
  The Myth of the Expert 08/06/09
  Fixing Government Healthcare With Your Money 08/01/09
  Who's Out of Touch? 07/25/09
  Private Schools for the Poor 07/17/09
  Liberals: Learning Nothing and Forgetting Nothing 07/14/09
  Brits Melt Down Over Naughty MPs 06/25/09
  Witness to Liberals as they Really Are 06/21/09
  The Liberal Housing Crash 06/11/09
  Don't Cry for Milton 06/06/09
  And They Said Bush Was Clueless 06/03/09
  The Palin Seminar for Moderate Women 05/25/09
  Liberalism: Cruel Corrupt Unjust Wasteful and Deluded 05/18/09
  Thatcher's Victory: Then and Now 05/07/09
  What Price Limited Government? 05/02/09
  The Difference Between Them and Us 04/26/09
  I Just Can't Take the Liberal Melodramas Any More 04/12/09
  The Ladies' Tea Party 04/06/09
  The Instinct of the Clueless 03/26/09
  Take Me To Your Leader 03/19/09
  Obama and the Liberal Freeloader Culture 03/12/09
  Who Is The Smartest of Them All? 03/06/09
  The Difference Between Change and Reform 02/27/09
  Pity a Poor Banker 02/19/09
  America's Emerging Liberal Oligarchy 02/13/09
  Obama's First Fumble 02/05/09
  Women and Safety 01/29/09
  President Obama's Problem 01/22/09
  The Experts Agree on Healthcare 01/15/09
  Democracy and the Shock Doctrine 01/08/09
  A Conservative Narrative 01/01/09

Opeds for 2008
  Conservative Off-site: Elevator Story 12/25/08
  Conservative Off-site: Mission Statement 12/17/08
  Conservative Off-site: Vision Statement 12/11/08
  India, China, and the Disciplinary Society 12/04/08
  The Sweating of Business 11/27/08
  The Weight of Government 11/21/08
  The Rape of Honor 11/12/08
  Hope and Change in the Real World 11/07/08
  Not Exactly Piracy and Plunder 10/29/08
  There is Still Hope 10/22/08
  Charles Murray on Education 10/15/08
  It's Common Sense: The Experts are to Blame 10/08/08
  Fannie/Freddie and the Stealth Welfare State 09/30/08
  Is This the Turn? 09/26/08
  The Sterility of Feminism 09/23/08
  The Mom and the One 09/10/08
  The Day America Stopped Poncing Around 09/06/08
  NYT: Obama Lacks an Economic Narrative 08/28/08
  Cupcakes in Greenwich Schools 08/23/08
  Not Another Bipartisan Betrayal 08/19/08
  The Politics of the Social Safety Net 08/07/08
  "Obama Doesn't Really Think This Way" 08/01/08
  Energy and Freedom 07/29/08
  Beyond the Blame Game 07/17/08
  New Hope for Global Warming Deniers 07/14/08
  The Hard Choices Will Wait 07/08/08
  Those Mean-spirited Liberals 06/30/08
  War and Its Moral Equivalent 06/23/08
  The Big "O" 06/12/08
  Are Conservatives Dead or Resting? 06/04/08
  Remember the Fallen 05/26/08
  US Can't Pass English 101 05/24/08
  How About Those BritCons? 05/16/08
  At the Turn of the Cycle 05/08/08
  America, You've Been Had 04/30/08
  The Pope's Challenge to Conservatives 04/24/08
  A Century of Tax 04/18/08
  Looking Round the Corner 04/09/08
  Doing Something About the Financial Mess 04/04/08
  Let's Ask for Forgiveness 03/27/08
  Conservatism in an AQAL Context 03/25/08
  The Meltdown on Bush's Watch 03/20/08
  We All Make Mistakes 03/14/08
  Bill Buckley's Conservative Family 03/07/08
  The Home Equity Partnership 03/02/08
  Reviewing Obama's "Blueprint for Change" 02/19/08
  A Budget Valentine 02/16/08
  The Path to Real Change 02/08/08
  The Liberals' Mommy Fascism 02/01/08
  So's Your Father! 01/25/08
  Does Big Government Help Women? 01/16/08
  When's It Gonna End? 01/03/08

Opeds for 2007
  President Bush, Man of the Year 12/29/07
  After Clinton or Obama, Woman-centered Conservatism 12/20/07
  The Wages of Appeasement 12/12/07
  Things You Are Not Allowed to Say 12/05/07
  Western Reason vs. Islam 11/30/07
  Liberals Are Not All Alike 11/19/07
  Let's Steal the Ideas of the Left 11/12/07
  S-CHIP and Sacrifice 11/05/07
  The End of Socialized Medicine? 10/30/07
  Can Conservatives Show That "We Care?" 10/24/07
  Not With My Kid You Don't 10/17/07
  Let's Talk -- Like Women 10/07/07
  Clintons, Baby Bonds, and Dropouts 09/30/07
  Dueling Health Plans 09/23/07
  That Bush Strategery 09/18/07
  Women are Fickle, You Say? 09/09/07
  Labor and Leisure 09/03/07
  Half of High School Grads Fail Seventh Grade Math 08/26/07
  After Rove There’s Work to Be Done 08/26/07
  Another Fine Mess 08/12/07
  The World Of "They're Just Kids" 08/06/07
  The Real Long War 07/29/07
  The Rising Tide of Education Subsidy 07/22/07
  The Fairness Doctrine Engine Starter 07/15/07
  Government is Force, Michael Moore 07/08/07
  A Defensive Victory in the Senate 07/01/07
  Conservative NextGen 06/24/07
  Don't Frighten the Horses on Education Reform 06/17/07
  Should Have Known 06/12/07
  Hillary Clinton's On Your Own World 06/04/07
  Immigration: Mend It Not Rend It 05/27/07
  The Legacy of Jerry Falwell 05/21/07
  After Blair: Conservatives Mumble About Welfare State Reform 05/13/07
  Seizing the Moral High Ground for Reform 05/06/07
  Scarred for Life 04/30/07
  The Adolescent Society 04/23/07
  The Democrats' Shameful Secret 04/15/07
  Supreme Court Turns Ratchet of Compulsion 04/09/07
  Pity a Poor Democrat 04/01/07
  Young Democrats Just Don't Get It 03/25/07
  The Sub-prime Blame Game 03/11/07
  Democrats Say: We Are Too Patriotic 03/04/07
  The Fight Against Sprawl 02/26/07
  Winning by Losing 02/20/07
  Manufacturing Failure 02/11/07
  Renewing the Conservative Narrative 02/04/07
  Public Education and The Liberal Way of Conflict 01/28/07
  Reality TV Conducts a Seminar on Racism 01/21/07
  Enough of the 100 Hours Already 01/14/07
  The 100 Hours of Democratic Superstition 01/07/07
  The Heedless People Who Didn't Care About Michael Oher 01/02/07

Opeds for 2006
  Yet Another Report on the Education Crisis 12/25/06
  God Rest Ye Merry Bureaucrats 12/17/06
  A March Through the Mind of America 12/11/06
  What Did Senator-elect Jim Webb Mean? 12/05/06
  It's Not the Spending, Stupid 11/26/06
  Milton Friedman, American Hero 11/19/06
  The Illusion of a "Neat-and-Tidy" World 11/12/06
  The March of Educational Folly 11/05/06
  We Support Our GOP Troops. Then What? 10/29/06
  Euro-Humanity Upon The Wane 10/22/06
  The Synergy of Harry Reid 10/15/06
  The Foley Flap and the Honor Wars 10/08/06
  Dems 0 for 3 on Terror 10/06/06
  Thug Week: The Pity of It All 09/25/06
  The Pope Battles Against Dhimmitude 09/18/06
  Clinton Spin: To Make You Forget They Are Democrats 09/11/06
  The Travails of Labor and Education 09/04/06
  It's Not The Dependency Ratio, Stupid 08/27/06
  What Gas-Guzzling Dinosaur? 08/23/06
  Storm Signals Mean Political Change Ahead 08/15/06
  Smell the Whiff of Panic? 08/06/06
  Today Seattle Is Conducting Unity Meetings 07/30/06
  Wal-Mart Wins a Battle; The War Continues 07/23/06
  It's a War, Stupid 07/17/06
  Who Are You Calling Dysfunctional? 07/09/06
  Liberals and Babies and Trust Cues 07/02/06
  Speak Progressive, But Win Conservative Reform 06/27/06
  The Democrats' Drive-by Politics for 2006 06/18/06
  Is It Bush We Are Testing to Destruction? 06/11/06
  A Case of the Economic Shivers 06/04/06
  First You Need An Army 05/28/06
  Hollywood Doesn't Get It 05/21/06
  "You Must Suggest an Alternative" 05/14/06
  Why Should Freud Matter? 05/07/06
  Democrats Look for a Big Idea 05/07/06
  Gaseous Politics and Shame 04/30/06
  3 Dollar Gas. An Opportunity 04/23/06
  In Old Europe The Real Problem is Fear 04/16/06
  $10,000 Checks Won't End the Plague of Truculence 04/10/06
  Eco-Sacrifice is Closer Than You Think 04/02/06
  Competence vs. Manliness 03/26/06
  This Spring Do It for the Children 03/19/06
  Is Senator Schumer With Us or Against Us? 03/12/06
  Don't Repeal the 22nd Amendment 03/05/06
  Dems Want Wal-Mart to Tithe on Healthcare 02/26/06
  The Cultural Colonialism of the Left 02/19/06
  Torino: Europe's Last Hurrah? 02/12/06
  Who Was Betty Friedan? 02/05/06
  Thank You Mr. President 01/29/06
  Minimum Wage Hits $9.50 in Santa Fe 01/22/06
  Strictly Ballroom At Senate Dance Hall 01/15/06
  Supreme Court Hearings: Law vs. Rights 01/08/06
  Americans and Literacy 01/01/06

Opeds for 2005
  Liberal Privacy vs. Conservative Transparency 12/25/05
  Iraq Election: Left World, Our World 12/18/05
  David Cameron Breathes Life Into Britain's Conservatives 12/11/05
  Stand Up for Wal-Mart 12/04/05
  The Year of the Looter 11/27/05
  What is our Elevator Story? 11/20/05
  Beating the Bureaucrats in Education 11/14/05
  Rioters Burn French Social Model 11/06/05
  President Bush and the Mandate of Heaven 10/31/05
  Democrats and "The Politics of Polarization" 10/24/05
  Who Lost Delphi? 10/18/05
  Changing The Supreme Court: The Real Problem 10/09/05
  Big Ed Fights Back Against For-Profit Colleges 10/02/05
  I Gotta Right to My Illusions 09/25/05
  The Power of the Liberal Taboos 09/18/05
  Disaster: When You Want Solutions 09/11/05
  The Lesson of New Orleans 09/04/05
  Filling the Education Vacuum 08/28/05
  It's Official: Left-Islamist Alliance Against the West 08/21/05
  The Trouble with Unions 08/14/05
  Prince William and the Two Nations 08/07/05
  Liberal Prof Gets Conservative about Supreme Court 07/31/05
  After the London Bombings: What We Can Do 07/24/05
  What Muslims Must Do After 7/7 07/17/05
  Back to Business as Usual 07/12/05
  The Supreme Court and Little Lord Fauntleroy 07/03/05
  A Tactical Play on Social Security 06/27/05
  Our Post-patriotic Elite 06/20/05
  Fathers Keep Society Safe 06/16/05
  Euro-Paradise Lost 06/06/05
  A Very American Hero 05/30/05
  How Much Ruthlessness is Enough? 05/24/05
  After the Battle: Don't Raise Taxes 05/16/05
  Blair Wins; Third Way Loses 05/12/05
  A Whiff of Panic 05/02/05
  The Soros Noise Machine 04/27/05
  Andrea Dworkin and the Pity of Feminism 04/19/05
  Advice for the Conclave 04/11/05
  What Conservative Crack-up? 04/04/05
  Stop Whining Start Thinking 03/29/05
  Beyond the Judicial Filibuster 03/25/05
  Perfect Storm in Atlanta 03/19/05
  Trust Us, We Care 03/16/05
  The Race To Unimportance 03/10/05
  Social Security Grand Strategy 03/01/05
  Loosey-goosey Hits the Wall 02/27/05
  Ward Churchill is Right 02/16/05
  Conservatives and the Creative Impulse: Part II 02/15/05
  Conservatives and the Creative Impulse: Part I 02/11/05
  Getting Past Freud 02/07/05
  Driving Miss Hillary 02/01/05
  Iraq Election: A Teachable Moment? 01/30/05
  Social Security for the Sixties Generation? 01/23/05
  Republicans are Regular Guys 01/19/05
  The Real Charlotte Simmons 01/16/05
  The Global Future of Contract and Trust 01/15/05
  Liberals, You're Doing Too Much! 01/02/05

Opeds for 2004
  The Amazon Public Wish List 12/25/04
  To Dare to Do It 12/18/04
  Why Americans Are Anti-Intellectual 12/11/04
  I Double Dare You! 12/04/04
  Losing Ohio 11/27/04
  Religion, Taxes, and Programs 11/20/04
  Understanding Bush's Power 11/04/04
  What's All the Fuss About? 10/23/04
  On Derridology 10/16/04
  Education for What? 10/09/04
  A "New Model School" Opens in London 10/02/04
  Government and Failure 09/25/04
  Anyone for Tipping Points? 09/18/04
  Return to Self-Government 09/11/04
  Anger and Politics 09/04/04
  The Genius of Self-Government 08/28/04
  Don't Get Mad, Send Money 08/21/04
  The New Challenge Movement: A Manifesto 08/14/04
  The Party of the Middle Class? 08/07/04
  It Ain't Gonna be Pretty 07/31/04
  Turning On the Sixties 07/24/04
  The Birth of "Folliage" 07/17/04
  Breaking Liberal Taboos on Education 07/10/04
  What the Bleep? It's a Movie! 07/03/04
  Taking the Cultural Temperature 06/26/04
  Why America is Different 06/19/04
  On Reagan's Paradise Drive 06/12/04
  Ronald Reagan, RIP 06/05/04
  Are the Democrats Crazy? 05/29/04
  Another Vote for Homeschooling 05/22/04
  To Be or to Do 05/15/04
  Power Still Matters 05/08/04
  New Hope for Education Sufferers 05/01/04
  Climate Science Gets Serious 04/24/04
  Conservative Passing Gear 04/17/04
  Letter to Howie 04/10/04
  Middle Class Self-Government 04/03/04
  What Liberals Know That Isn't So 03/27/04
  Middle Class Family Values 03/20/04
  Us Against the Gangs 03/13/04
  Lee Harris: We Want More 03/06/04
  Changing the Minds of Judges 02/28/04
  Our Unserious Liberals 02/21/04
  Fighting Purity on Valentine's Day 02/14/04
  Winning the Culture War 02/07/04
  The First Lady Is Our Queen 01/31/04
  A Liberal View of The SOTU 01/24/04
  The Left Returns to Sacrifice 01/17/04
  The Big Picture on Immigration 01/10/04
  Letter to a Liberal 01/03/04

Opeds for 2003
  Parable of the Swim Team 12/28/03
  The Children of the Welfare State 12/21/03
  Excluding Christianity Won't Work, Liberals 12/14/03
  Made for Each Other 12/07/03
  Suborning the Scientists 11/30/03
  Never Misunderestimate 11/23/03



Faith & Purpose

“When we began first to preach these things, the people appeared as awakened from the sleep of ages—they seemed to see for the first time that they were responsible beings, and that a refusal to use the means appointed was a damning sin.”
Finke, Stark, The Churching of America, 1776-1990

Mutual Aid

In 1911... at least nine million of the 12 million covered by national insurance were already members of voluntary sick pay schemes. A similar proportion were also eligible for medical care.
Green, Reinventing Civil Society


“We have met with families in which for weeks together, not an article of sustenance but potatoes had been used; yet for every child the hard-earned sum was provided to send them to school.”
E. G. West, Education and the State

Living Under Law

Law being too tenuous to rely upon in [Ulster and the Scottish borderlands], people developed patterns of settling differences by personal fighting and family feuds.
Thomas Sowell, Conquests and Cultures

German Philosophy

The primary thing to keep in mind about German and Russian thought since 1800 is that it takes for granted that the Cartesian, Lockean or Humean scientific and philosophical conception of man and nature... has been shown by indisputable evidence to be inadequate. 
F.S.C. Northrop, The Meeting of East and West


Inquiry does not start unless there is a problem... It is the problem and its characteristics revealed by analysis which guides one first to the relevant facts and then, once the relevant facts are known, to the relevant hypotheses.
F.S.C. Northrop, The Logic of the Sciences and the Humanities


“But I saw a man yesterday who knows a fellow who had it from a chappie that said that Urquhart had been dipping himself a bit recklessly off the deep end.”  —Freddy Arbuthnot
Dorothy L. Sayers, Strong Poison

Democratic Capitalism

I mean three systems in one: a predominantly market economy; a polity respectful of the rights of the individual to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; and a system of cultural institutions moved by ideals of liberty and justice for all. In short, three dynamic and converging systems functioning as one: a democratic polity, an economy based on markets and incentives, and a moral-cultural system which is plural and, in the largest sense, liberal.
Michael Novak, The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism


The incentive that impels a man to act is always some uneasiness... But to make a man act [he must have] the expectation that purposeful behavior has the power to remove or at least to alleviate the felt uneasiness.
Ludwig von Mises, Human Action


[In the] higher Christian churches... they saunter through the liturgy like Mohawks along a string of scaffolding who have long since forgotten their danger. If God were to blast such a service to bits, the congregation would be, I believe, genuinely shocked. But in the low churches you expect it every minute.
Annie Dillard, Holy the Firm


“When we received Christ,” Phil added, “all of a sudden we now had a rule book to go by, and when we had problems the preacher was right there to give us the answers.”
James M. Ault, Jr., Spirit and Flesh

Living Law

The recognition and integration of extralegal property rights [in the Homestead Act] was a key element in the United States becoming the most important market economy and producer of capital in the world.
Hernando de Soto, The Mystery of Capital

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